Fiestaware Update!

I have gotten some new Fiestaware in the last few shopping trips (and a gift) that I wanted to show you.
The first piece I am so excited about is a medium green bowl!  Fiesta has many greens and medium green is a coveted color.  I actually lucked into finding the bowl (the one on the R, middle) on ebay for a steal!  She wasn’t 100% sure it was medium green (the colors are hard to differentiate unless you have them side by side), so she wasn’t asking much for it.  The top bowl is original green and the bottom is dark green.
Nancy, my MIL, got me this coffee caraf for my birthday.  It is persimmon and it is a really neat piece.  Its a plastic piece, so it is a rare.  It is in great condition and she found it at a local antique shop!
I picked this utensil set up at Kohl’s.  It is a newer piece with plastic stovetop utensils.  The wire holder has a little plate that says “Fiesta”  I got a great deal on it with a Kohl’s coupon!
This teapot I got at the antique shop in Branson this past weekend.  It is one of my favorite colors, Juniper. Its a dark teal color.  I had a little teapot, but this is the bigger of the two.
This is my current collection in my dining room (I have a few random pieces scattered around my house as well…on a shelf in the kitchen, on the counters, on the baker’s rack…)
And my Fiesta placemats and table setting.  I know the placemats are not straight….its ok.  I am not big into perfection.
So that is my Fiesta update!  Tyler just laughs when he sees my collection because he says its way too much.  I actually use it though!  Its not a collection that just sits on the shelf!  I like the thrill of the hunt finding Fiesta at antique shops and collecting pieces and colors that I don’t have.  As of right now, colors I don’t have are: old gray, old cobalt blue, old ivory, and turf green.  There are tons of pieces I don’t have, and it would be impossible to try and collect everything.  But I might just try! :)Do you collect anything?


  1. I collect cake plates. I have several but have stopped buying them due to space. I have a cabinet I put them in. I love old cake plate stands!

    • How fun are cake plates to collect?! Running out of space will be a problem for me too! We built shelves in our dining room for my Fiesta collection…and its a lot of room…but it will eventually be packed out.

    • hi, i have an original medium green cake plate. it is rare as you know.
      i would like to sell it. any tips or info would be very much appreciated.
      thank you

    • I would list it on ebay or contact Happy Heidi…she does a lot of older Fiesta sales on her site.

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