Figuring the world out

Figuring the world out

More making memories with our girl.  She’s learning SO much and figuring out how this big world works.

We met some friends at the park for a Sunday afternoon playdate. The playground equipment at this park was a little too big for her.  She did spend a LOT of time going up and down the stairs and walking around, but she wouldn’t slide with the big kids. But then she discovered mulch. And she had a GREAT time with my friend Whitney’s little girl (who’s about a year older) playing in the mulch.

One evening daddy was working late, so we went to see him at his overtime job.  By the time we left, we were both hungry, so I decided to stop at our pizza/salad bar place.  She was SO BIG eating her salad and waited so patiently on the personal pizza we shared. She’s so good!

She LOVES bubbles. She can say it clear as day and she often goes to where we keep them and points “BUBBLES”. I loved this little tongue sticking out while we dipped the bubble wand.  She can’t exactly blow her own yet, but playing in the bubble juice is just as fun!

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