Finding Your People

Finding Your People

More and more, I feel like I’m finding my people. You know, the people you can be yourself with.  The people you laugh with.  The people who seem to get you.

I’ve found a few of those people, but I’m finding more of them. And it’s so good.

One friend is Rachel, next to me in this pic.  She came to my Wednesday night class and I just thought we would click, so I sent her a text. We’ve hung out a few times and it’s fun to make a new friend.  Rachel was celebrating her birthday and wanted to do Painting with a Twist, so a couple other ladies from our class, Tara and Wendy, joined us.

And y’all.  We had a BLAST.  And my painting wasn’t half bad either!


Here’s my sunset. Step 1.

Then we added an ocean. (Hey Tara, hey!)

And the finished product!  Added a sun, sea grass and a fence (which I called a bridge.  Whatever).

We had a GREAT time together and I’m excited to keep getting to know these ladies.

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