First Camping Trip

First Camping Trip

Tyler fixed up his cargo trailer into a very primitive “camper.” I use that quotes because it’s a little more than a tent, but totally not a camper in the true sense of the word. But it’s a metal enclosed shelter, and he can run a power cord inside for power. He’s got a pretty good set up.

So one of our family goals for 2021 was to take it camping. Nancy and Uncle Dwight were going to be nearby at horse camp…so Tyler said it would be a good introductory trip.

I was hesitant because I was going to be at church for a women’s conference (which I was helping with) on Friday and Saturday until like 3-4 pm. But I told him if he wanted to go, he had to get everything together (except for our clothes) and we could leave when I got home….so he did.

We got to Robber’s Cave around 5 and set up. Remi jumped in to the playground and was loving riding her bike around.

She’s been CRAVING some independence, so we gave her a little route she could ride alone. She loved that.

We made hot dogs around the fire for dinner, which is always good. And of course, s’mores!

Remi actually slept in with Nancy, but Tyler had I had a good set up.

He has some foam mattresses that he can make bunk beds with when he’s at deer camp…but we put them side by side on the floor to make a king mattress. (And yes, he has a floral rug in his deer camp camper….he got a good deal on it and didn’t care what it looked like!)

And we had a nice area to set out our bags and stand up to change (a pro you don’t get with a tent!).

On Sunday, we made breakfast and then we headed to the actual Robber’s Cave area. My first time there (more on that next post!), and then when we returned, we did more bikes and playground. I also spent lots of time sitting by the fire reading.

She had lots of laughs with Uncle Dwight. He’s always funny.

She also got to ride Rex- and we let her do some riding where she took the reigns alone.

Around 4, we started packing up to head home (Remi’s least favorite part).

It was a fun thing and I’m glad we are doing this together!

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