First Day in Las Vegas

First Day in Las Vegas

We started our first day in Las Vegas by sleeping in.  We weren’t in a hurry to get anywhere.  We were up and around by 9 or so, so around 10, we walked down to Paris for breakfast.

I had heard good things about Mon Ami Gabi there and wanted to try it- and it seemed like a close enough walk for breakfast.

We were seated right away in the dining room (if you wanted to sit on the patio, there was a long wait…but we wanted food) and had GREAT service.

I ordered the lemon pancakes, which were more like crepes.  They came with lemon marmalade, raspberry jam, and fresh whipped cream.  I also got a side of bacon- and this bacon was AMAZING.  It was coated in dates and spices- so it was spicy and sweet.  On bacon.  It was amazing.

Tyler got a breakfast burger (topped with a fried egg) and some fries.  The burger was ok, but nothing special (lesson learned- stick to what the restaurant is known for!)….but he loved the crispy fries.


As we were walking to breakfast, we ended up crossing one of Vegas’ elevated crosswalks, and I pointed the mountains out to Tyler saying “See that, that’s Red Rock Canyon out there.”  At breakfast, he started asking me about it- and I told you could drive out there and drive through the canyon.  He suggested we go- so why not?

So after breakfast, we put the top down on the convertible and drove about 30 minutes out to Red Rock Canyon.

When we got there, we found out for just a few dollars, you got access to a 13 mile one-way loop through the canyon.  Yes please.  You can see cars going on the drive ahead of us.


It was a BEAUTIFUL day- sunny and 90 degrees.

The scenery was awesome.


We did a little hiking down to some scenic points- but I wasn’t totally dressed for hiking (since I didn’t know we would be doing this when I woke up!) so we didn’t go too crazy.

Gotta love self-timers!


Tyler climbed up to a big rock to show the perspective.  Can you find him?  It’s like Where’s Waldo!12120014_864782462673_6006943753414540437_o

The scenery was just awesome out here.  The big rock mountains were unlike anything we have at home.12113335_864782253093_361167733580962121_o

When we finished the loop through the canyon, we were ready for lunch.  I suggested we stop by New York, New York for Shack Shack.  And Tyler LOVED it.  We got burgers, fries and shakes (of course).  We never made it back down there, but Tyler wanted to go again. (Maybe that means he will be open to revisiting NYC with me?!)


After lunch, we went further up the strip to Mandalay Bay to the Shark Reef.  It’s a big aquarium with the focus being on their shark exhibit.  It’s AWESOME.

You are in a huge tunnel with tons of sharks swimming all around you.  We sat and watched for a while.12096206_864778700213_4282090838228564629_n

We left Mandalay Bay and headed to the Miracle Mile Shops where we did some shopping, got a snack (a frozen beverage) and saw The Mentalist.  It was a neat show.

After the show, we took the top down and drove down the strip to explore.


We stopped by Gold and Silver Pawn, home of Pawn Stars.

It was closed, but we got a good look inside.

12096382_864778824963_7200623005388674340_n 10341433_864778974663_6720225940446776523_n

After a good long drive, we made it back to the hotel for some rest.  It was a great first day of vacation!

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