First World Problems: Online Shopping

First World Problems: Online Shopping

I’ve posted before that I’m a serial online shopper.  I’m trying to cut back (status: not always going well), but I still order quite a bit online.

I’ve encountered some common issues that are TOTALLY first world problems.  I realize that…but I wanted to share my frustrations.

First off, when an item is totally out of stock, and they list it anyway.  You don’t know that the item is out of stock until you click into it.

2015-07-30 09_20_44-Geo Eyelet Sweatshirt _ LOFT

When the size chart doesn’t match. I wanted this dress from Dillards, and it came dress sized (10, 12, 14) but the size chart was for S, M, L.  What?

2015-07-30 09_18_37-Jessica Simpson Blouson Halter Neckline Dress _ Dillards

2015-07-30 09_18_07-Jessica Simpson Blouson Halter Neckline Dress _ Dillards

When there is no image. (I’m looking at you, Loft!)  Who buys something without seeing it? And I’ve held, Loft.  The image never comes.

2015-07-30 09_20_18-Clearance_ LOFT

When the item is free (from coupon codes or gift cards) but you have to pay for shipping, handling, and tax.

2015-07-30 09_26_06-Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party


Do you have any shopping frustrations?


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