Five for Friday 2

5 things this week:
1. I got the black screen of death on my work computer.  That was fun (*sarcasm*).  I spent yesterday working at another desk…which felt totally weird because I wasn’t in my space. 

In case you can’t read it: “No operating system found.” Wah wah wahhhh

2. I am trying to learn tennis.  I am TOTALLY unathletic.  I can do active things now, but I can’t figure out where the ball will bounce or remember to use proper form.  After 2 weeks of hitting the ball around, I’m still AWFUL.  Hopefully our children will someday inherit Tyler’s athletic genes.  I ain’t got em.

3. I won’t be teaching Zumba for 1.5 weeks.  I might die.  (I’ll be in Cleveland for work, and then in Dallas for a Hanson concert…so I’ll miss 3 classes in a row!).

4. We live in the country.  Thursday morning, someone’s cows were out of a pasture down the road.  I had to wait for this beauty to get out of the road.  Then I stopped at the owner’s house around the corner and told him his cows were out while he was out feeding his donkeys.  True story.

I shall call her Betsy.

5. I have my 10th 5k this year tomorrow.  #whoamI? I have two more 5ks planned, along with a 10k and an indoor triathlon, hopefully putting me at 12 5ks, and 14 races total, going over my 13 in 13 goal.  I feel the need to get one more 5k in to make it 13 5ks, but I think I’ll stop thinking of being an overachiever. 🙂


  1. If you want to teach us some Zumba moves while we’re in line before/after the Hanson concerts we can help you get your fix 😛

  2. Way to go on the 5ks!

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