Five Mostly Fun Things on This Friday

Five Mostly Fun Things on This Friday

Let’s get caught up on this week, shall we?

1. I had vertigo this week.  First time with it.  It was weird.  I thought I was coming down with a stomach bug.  Tyler had a stomach bug over the long weekend, and his started with some lightheaded dizziness.  So when I was lightheaded and dizzy, I worried.  I started feeling flushed, hot, and nauseous…so I went to the walk-in clinic.  The doc was quick to diagnose me with vertigo.  I had to cancel Tuesday’s Zumba (insert sad face) but after some meds and rest, I’m much better.

2. We went to the rodeo Wednesday night.  Our area has a pretty big rodeo, but I’ve never been.  It was fun.  We got free tickets and free dinner thanks to some people loving on LEO families.  It was much appreciated and a fun night together.

FullSizeRender (2)

3. I got these CUTE shoes from Groupon.  They are pretty comfy and were only $35 with shipping (I’ve mistakenly told a couple of people they were $20…I was wrong.  Oops).  They are still for sale here.


4. I have a personal improvement project coming next week that I’m pretty excited about. 🙂 #teaser

5. I’m pretty sad for the 21 Day Fashion Challenge to end today.  I have enjoyed having the fashion prompts to help me get dressed every day.  They have been loose enough to give me room to be creative, but give me structure too.  Come back tomorrow for my last recap.

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