Five on Friday: The Best of This Week

Here we are again at another Friday.  Here are 5 things from this week:

1. I bought the first Christmas gifts of the year.  I buy things as I find them, throw them in my gift closet, and let them pile up.  I’m usually finished shopping by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.  Let’s just say I found a gift that 6 women in my life needed, so I bought one for all of them. 🙂

2. I had another good hair day on Wednesday.  Yeah. It was noteworthy. My good hair day of the week might just be a new Friday feature. ha!

3. I’m trying to get in 10,000 steps every day, and I knew I would be a few thousand short on Wednesday, so I told Tyler we should go play tennis after church.  I’m SO terrible, but he’s a great coach.  And the weather was great.  And I ended up with 12,000+ steps on Wednesday. Boom.

4. Mikey got a haircut this week.  He’s so handsome.

5. Mom and I are going to NYC next month.  We go every couple/few years to see shows, eat, and shop.  Last time, we took Tyler (which didn’t go well.  He did not love NYC). Well, we are going for 4 days, and we were seeing 5 Broadway shows.  Well, we realized we could squeeze in another show: Hedwig and the Angry Inch starring Neil Patrick Harris!  Shows mostly have the same schedule, but some reason, this show has a late Sunday show (while most don’t)….so we get to see 6 shows!  Woop!

How was your week?  Anything interesting happen?

Have a good weekend, friends!


  1. haha! You are just so cute with your good hair day of the week! You’re right, though, you’re hair does look pretty stinkin’ cute! Happy Friday, friend!

  2. I so need to do that with Christmas gifts. I always wait till last minute and then wonder how in the world I’m going to get everything bought. It’s crazy!

    Your hair is adorable. I love the cut!

    Happy Friday, hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂

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