Five on Friday: Exciting Week

I’m linking up with the Good Life Blog for Five on Friday.
This week was a good one.  Back to Bible study, back to routine, feeling good.
1. Remember a couple weeks ago when we were misled about a car?  Well, that doesn’t matter anymore because we found the perfect car!  It’s in Kansas City (which isn’t perfect…it’s 5 hours away) but we got a great salesman helping us..and Tyler is going to buy the car tomorrow.  Now to name him.  I was thinking Percy or Paquito (it’s a Prius V, so I feel the need for a P name).  Suggestions are welcome.  I prefer male names for my vehicle.  I currently have Roger the Rogue.
2. Earlier in the week I was tweeting Peanut Butter & Co. It was a strange convo.  They were talking about burgers with peanut butter, and I sent them a link to my blog when I ate a PB burger at Hanson Day in Tulsa.  Well, I guess they took a look around here, and saw that I am a big fan of their PB (I have recipes and even visited their restaurant in NYC)…and they sent me three free jars for being a fan.  LOVE it.
3. I’m back to morning weight workouts.  I’m not just trying to lose weight and get back to where I was, I’m trying to make my arms look good for Alden’s wedding.  They are sore.
4. Today is my MIL’s birthday.  We celebrated last night with dinner and bowling. And cookie cake.  Lord help us. It was a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips.  I had a teeny tiny piece and it was good.
5. Hanson was playing in Jamaica last weekend (I SO wish I was there).  It was a 4 day event thing at an all inclusive resort.  Anywho, I was keeping track of the set lists and concerts (duh) and found out about a song I’d never heard: Cried.  Apparently, it was a bonus on the “I Will Come to You” single, which I never bought back in 1997 because I had the whole album.  You better believe I got on eBay and found one the singles and ordered it. For reference, if you care, this is the song.  
Well kids, I hope you have a great Friday. Remember to choose joy.  A cheerful heart is like a good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Prov 17:22


  1. please explain to me this peanut butter 🙂 PLEASE haha

  2. Whaaaat???! So jealous of your PB score!!! I’ve never tried PB&Co but their flavors look amazing! Congrats on the car! I like Percy, personally, but i’m sure you’ll make the right choice about names. 😉

  3. Hello PABLO!!! Haha! Such a pretty car! You’re gonna look fab driving it! And, you had me at peanut butter.

    Love you! Happy Friday!

  4. HI! I came across your blog through the link-up today. I clicked on your blog just because of the picture of peanut butter. That is the best surprise to get in the mail! That would have made my week! I’m guilty of eating way too much peanut butter. I saw that you are trying to tone your arms for someone’s wedding. I’m currently working out hard and trying to get in the best shape I’ve ever been in for my wedding. My biggest focus is arms! Also, I read your “about me” page and my fiance’s love for dangerous activities is going to give me premature grey hairs too. Anyways, have a great weekend! And enjoy all that peanut butter!

  5. Love PB&Co, and always stop by their store when I’m in the area to have a quick snack! That’s so sweet that they sent you a surprise for being such a fan!

  6. i have a hybrid highlander and it has been a wonderful car! Just hit 110K miles and have had nothing wrong but regular maintenance.

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