Five on Friday: Fashion Friday

Five on Friday: Fashion Friday

So here are five fashion-y things for today.
I am going monogram crazy.  And Groopdealz isn’t helping.
I ordered this tank (I got my initials, even though this LEE is cute! It’s my last name!)
I also ordered this t-shirt dress.  It will be a cute swim coverup.
I spotted this rain jacket at my Target yesterday.  They didn’t have it in anything but an XXL, so I ordered it today.
I had a GOOD hair day the other morning.  Please excuse the makeup-free face…but this hair deserved to be documented.
And I wore my floral pants to work yesterday.  Basically no one else likes them.  But I love them.  So I wear them.
Anything fun going on in your world of fashion?  Please share!
Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. Oooh LOOOVE that rain coat and the monogrammed tank! And your hair!! It DOES look super fabulous!!

  2. If I looked that great with no make-up, I’d be rocking that look all the time! Love your hair and the tank!

  3. I saw that same rain jacket the other day and wanted it so bad! I might have to go back and get it 🙂

  4. That jacket is soo cute! Your hair did look really good, by the way! I hope you have a lovely weekend, friend! 🙂

  5. I love your floral pants and you have seriously the cutest hair cut ever!

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