Five on Friday: Honest Truth

Five on Friday: Honest Truth

I’m linking up for Five on Friday with The Good Life blog. This week I’m sharing 5 honest truths.
1. I’m honestly impressed with Tyler’s photography skills from our eShakti giveaway post.  (If you haven’t entered the giveaway….go here!  GREAT custom clothing up for grabs!).  He’s got an eye, folks.  I’m going to have him do some more fashion stuff soon for me.
See…look at his composition and he even caught a little sun flare in there.
2. I’m  SCARED TO DEATH of the triathlon tomorrow. I’m doing an indoor sprint triathlon.  It’s 300 yard swim, 8 mile bike, and 2 mile run.  I’ve trained and I feel ready.  But I’m SCARED TO DEATH.  I’ve had bad dreams about it….I’ve made lists so I don’t forget anything.  I’m scared that I won’t finish, I’m scared that I’ll hurt myself, I’m scared that I’ll be the biggest girl there (honesty time!), and I’m scared of failing.  But I’m doing it. I know God gave me this body, and it’s stronger than I think, I’ve trained it…and I’m doing the triathlon tomorrow as a testament that God can do BIG things in our lives if we get over ourselves and quit holding ourselves back. Come back Monday to hear all about it.
3. I’m  so excited- I’ve signed up for my 12th and 13th running races this year!  I set out to do 13 in 2013…and with the tri, I’m actually going to get 14 races total.  As of yesterday, I’m registered for the Turkey Run 10k and the Greenwood Yule Run 5k.  I’m hoping to PR at the Greenwood run (I’m coming for you, 34:50.  You’re going down!).  Working hard to train for these last two runs in the coming month!
4. I bought myself a Christmas gift.  Zulily had some beautiful jewelry….and I may have bought myself an Arkansas necklace and a rose gold monogram ring. 🙂 Merry Christmas to me.
Of course, I got Arkansas.
In the words of my friend Tonia, if it’s not moving…monogram it!
5.The Starbucks nonfat Gingerbread latte may be the best coffee drink I’ve ever had.  And it may take me lots of praying to NOT buy one every time I drive by Starbucks (which….my office is RIGHT behind Starbucks.  So, me and Jesus will be spending lots of time together to keep me from pulling in there twice a day!).
I hope you have a GREAT weekend.



  1. AMEN to the monogram love. love that ring!!! xx

  2. Tyler took some fantastic pics! You look beautiful! Oh… and I’m totally trying the non-fat gingerbread latte next. No worries, I’ll drink one for you!

    Now go… finish the race! You’ll be awesome!!! I can feel it in my bones! *wink*

  3. Ooh, I was terrified before my first sprint tri! It ended up thundering and lightning so the swim was canceled, but I feel you! Once you get going it won’t be so bad!

  4. I need to get to Starbucks. Now. 😉

  5. So…I’m a former Arkansan that now lives in Texas. Found your though Kelly’s link up. Love that jewlery!

  6. Hello! Found your blog through Kelly’s link up this week! I just moved to Arkansas this summer. Your quote about, “If it’s not moving, monogram it!” cracked me up. Seems like everything is the south is monogrammed and I LOVE it!! Glad I found your blog. 🙂 Whitney

  7. Came across your blog through Kelly. I have actually zumba’d with you before at mercy!

  8. AGREE on that gingerbread latte. I kind of wish I hadn’t discovered it…

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