Five on Friday! IG and Other Fun

Five on Friday! IG and Other Fun

Happy Friday!  I was up way too late last night, so I’m in need for some rest.  Thankfully, we have a pretty low-key weekend ahead…so I’ll get to rest and recharge.
Here’s five random things from this week.
1. I have seen a couple beauty blogs and vlogs talk about coral/orange lipstick.  But they all mentioned high-end brands…and I don’t wear lipstick enough to pay $20 for a tube.  Then, on Pinterest, I saw a pin showing how a $2 Wet-n-Wild color was an exact match for this MAC color everyone’s been talking about.  So I snatched it up!  It’s a bit more orange in real life….but I like it.
2. I’ve sort of gone crazy buying Christmas gifts.  I already have gifts for most people…and this weekend I have to inventory my gift closet because I need to know who to STOP buying for! ha! I just can’t help buying stuff from these flash deal sites because I’m getting such a great deal on their presents!
3. Last night, we went across the border to the Poteau football game.  Ty’s sweet cousin is a senior cheerleader…and we’ve never seen her cheer!  So they had a game and we went. It was a bit chilly, but it was nice to watch football in the crisp air.  HELLLLO Fall!  The Pirates lost, but Heather did a great job cheering.
3. I’m trying a new approach to eating – where I focus on macro nutrients.  Every day, I’m trying to get a certain ratio of fats to carbs to protein.  It’s a bit challenging, but I’m feeling great.  I know this method isn’t for everyone…but I’m going to give it a month and see what it does for my energy levels and waist line. 🙂
4. I recently got a library card (which I had to pay for, since we don’t live in the city….ugh)…but I was looking for some good books and a coworker suggested Jen Lancaster.  I picked up the two books the library has…and they are SUPER funny.
5. Tomorrow night is a Halloween party at one of my friend’s houses.  Tyler was supposed to go, and we had a fun couple’s costume planned (Phil and Miss Kay anyone?) but his RC race was moved from Sunday to Saturday night…so I think I’m going solo.  Now to decide what to be…Guess you’ll have to see on Monday!
I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!


  1. I can’t wait to see your costume!

  2. I feel like that book looks really familiar so I can’t decide if I’ve read it or just want to read it!! I’ll have to look it up and see because if I haven’t read it, I need to!!!

    Be sure to post pics of your costume!!

  3. hello beautiful! popped on over from the linkup and SO glad i did because you had me at your presh leopard print sweater….aaaaaaaand especially your FURBABY in the pic!!! so with that said..woopwoop! new follower alert!!! that’s me! 😉 my hubs and i have amelia–our fur baby–she’s half shih-tzu acutally! 🙂

    looking foward to reading along now! yay! have the best weekend, love!

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