Five on Friday: November?

Five on Friday: November?

Linking up with The Good Life for Five on Friday. (the counting in German…the foreign language I have forgotten since I took in high school/college ).  I can’t believe it’s already November!
Eins. I dressed up for Halloween Zumba last night.  Aloha!
Yes.  That’s a flower bra.  Thank goodness  I had a sports bra on too…those flower covered seashells were NOT supportive.
Zwei. Wednesday, my coworker Autumnn and I went to a luncheon/fundraiser called The Power of the Purse.  It was a lunch with a purse auction.  I snagged this orange Michael Kors beauty.  It also came with a wine package- 4 bottles of vino, 4 BEAUTIFUL Waterford crystal wine glasses, and some accessories like a Corksicle and wine charms.  So fun!
Photo from The City Wire
Drei.  Tyler woke up with my at 4:30 am on Thursday to hunt in our yard.  He has been putting out corn and it’s been getting eaten…and we’ve seen deer tracks.  He finally got his hunter’s license, so he grabbed his bow, donned his camo, and sat in the blind. But no deer came.  Come on Bambi, momma wants some deer chili!
Vier. Wednesday before church I REALLLLLY wanted to run.  Like really reallly reallllly wanted to.  I figured I would just ride into town with Tyler to the church, and while supper started, I would run around town…which was a great plan, until I realized two things: 1) it was raining, and 2) Main Street is uphill the whole way.  Now, once I started running, I didn’t mind the uphill (because I realized I could run downhill the whole second half of my run)…but it was raining.  I didn’t really mind that either because it wasn’t cold or windy…but it was weird.  I could tell people driving by thought I was nuts.  I wanted to run a little farther, but the rain was starting to pick up, so I turned around about .3 miles earlier than I wanted.  Oh well.  I felt hardcore for running in the rain.
ooh it’s raining!
Funf. We carved our pumkin last night!  Spooky, huh?
I’m so glad it’s Friday.  I’m ready for some fun this weekend.  I love my job and my coworkers…but nothing compares to a little weekend crazy fun!
Hope you have a great day!


  1. Rain running is awesome! Once this spring, we had this freak hail storm that turned into rain/snow in Phoenix. I could not wait to get home and head out. It was awesome!

  2. I saw you. . .but I didn’t think you were crazy!

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