Five on Friday: Random Things

Five randoms from the last week:

1. Last week in Bible study, we had these napkins.  I think it’s my life motto.

2. I bought some Antonio Melani flats from Dillards on clearance.  I was wearing them for the first time, and this happened!  The sole came completely off! I had a strange experience where I went to Dillards to get my money back or an exchange…but they didn’t have any more of the shoes.  In order to get a refund, I had to leave the shoes with them…but I was wearing them!  So, it was either pick out a new pair or leave the mall barefoot with a refund.  So I picked out a different pair.

3. I took that quiz I’ve seen floating around about how many kids should you have.  My answer: One.  “You should only have one child. You’re simply not cut out for more.”  Tyler and I are both only children and have talked alot about having one kid.  I agree.

4. I’m going to San Diego next month for work.  I just found out yesterday…but I’m crazy excited to go to California.  I’m hoping we get a little spare time to go to the zoo!

5. I’m taking a vacation day Monday.  My year rolls over on March 12, and I had a day leftover…so I’m taking it Monday.  Yay for three day weekends!  I’m hoping to do a little home project on Monday to share with y’all.  You’re going to love it! 🙂

Happy weekend!

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