Five on Friday: Snow

I’m linking up with The Good Life blog for Five on Friday.

1. We are covered in ice and snow.  It started out sleeting/freezing rain last night…and switched to snow in the night.  I came home midday yesterday to work from home….but the roads were fine last night.  We even went back to town to eat dinner!  But now, it’s like a big ice rink out there.

2. I watched the Sound of Music live last night.  I had lots of commentary, but I refrained from tweeting it, and instead just texted my friend Taylor.  My best line: “How do you solve a problem like Maria? Audra McDonald.” 🙂  It was good.  Carrie sang great.  But there’s a reason some people excel at live theater.

3. We still have power, but many around us are out.  My parents live 5 miles away and they have no power.  My MIL across town has no power.  I’m SO thankful for it because I can work from home today and not have to get out.

4. I’m hoping this cold weekend at home to get a quilt finished.  I’m working on one for a Christmas gift.  I have much quilting and finishing to do!  I would also love to plan out my next quilt- a t-shirt quilt of all my race shirts!

5. I had toast and milk this morning for breakfast- since everyone (us included) buys milk and bread for the snow…I figured I would eat it! ha!

Stay warm!


  1. Why does everyone by milk and bread?! I mean, these days lots of us have four wheel drive so it’s not like we’ll be stuck in the house for days on end. I guess you just never know though. Better to be prepared. I’m jealous that you guys have snow. It’s RAINING here and it sucks. I love snow around the holidays but after that I’m over it.

  2. That weather doesn’t look fun! Stay warm! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  3. I’m slightly jealous that you have snow! Though I’m loving our weather today, it would be nice to have snow at Christmastime! Popped over from the Friday Five!
    xo A Southern Style

  4. It’s crazy that most of the country is freezing to death and it’s in the upper 70s today here!! Glad you are able to work from home, though. Snow/ice is NO GOOD if you have to go out in it!!

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