Five on Friday: Spending Dollars

Linking up with The Good Life blog for Five on Friday.  Today is all about things I want/have bought recently.

1. I LOVED this shirt when a local boutique, Hazel’s Haven posted it.  Talk about cute and comfy looking!  I went yesterday at lunch and got it in the navy (which is a little more royal looking in person). 

2. I recently got this nail polish at Sephora.  

I am IN LOVE.  It’s an irrdescent sparkle…and it makes those blah colors (like an ugly beige…just not my nail color style) into something pretty.  I took a greige color, added the sparkle…and it’s a pretty purpleish color now.

3. I  REALLY want two things for my new car:  A monogram license plate.  I really like this one.

4. And a pink Toyota emblem. 

5. I also bought monogram car mats.  Don’t judge me. 

So that’s where my money has gone… 🙂

What about you? Anything you’re eyeing?


  1. Oooh…that stripey shirt is excellent!! Nice purchase!! And that nail polish is super fun!! It basically doubles your nailpolish collection, right?…since it slightly changes every single color you put it on? MAGIC!

  2. LOVE those car mats!!!

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