Five on Friday: Things I did This Week

Five on Friday: Things I did This Week

Linking up for Five on Friday with five things I did this week.

1. Last night we watched our wedding video for our anniversary (we are going out tonight to celebrate). I had so many thoughts: my cousins were SO tiny 4 years ago!  We had SO many friends and family there. I was so overwhelmed watching it.  We had tons of crowd shots where you could see who all was there….and it’s just such a blessing to have started our life together surrounded by so much love.

2. I bought this dress.  I was looking for something similar online and found it…for $22!!  It was so cheap because I got the last one. Boom.

3. I have been furiously voting for Hanson here.  It’s a pop song March Madness face off…and right now they are up against Britney Spears and her army is voting like crazy.  Hanson stands no chance because Britney has such a big following…but I’m voting anyway.  Go vote here!

4. A couple nights this week it was really nice out, so we sat on our porch.  I love evenings out there. It’s dusk and dark, so I sit in my comfy chair with a blanket and we listen to the crickets and owls. It’s perfect.

5. We spent a couple nights without the TV on.  While we do have many shows we love, it’s been nice to have more conversation and quiet. I like it.


  1. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to sit outside here. I live in Wisconsin and it’s still about 40 degrees. Brr!

    That dress is SUPER cute, by the way!


  2. My house totally needs more time with the tv off. We sat in our driveway Tuesday evening while the kids played and it was so nice. Can’t wait for more days where we can do that.

  3. Love the dress!! I love stopping by your blog because it reminds me of home…Pig Sooie!!!

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