Five on Friday: This Week

Five on Friday: This Week

I’m linking up with The Good Life Blog to show you my five things from this week.
1. Tuesday night, our friend Kolby came down from Fayetteville to spend the night.  She just wrapped up her semester of law school….and wanted a little break.  We ate dinner, talked and talked and talked, played boardgames, and Tyler taught Kolby how to shoot the crossbow! ha!  She loved it! SO good to spend time with friends.
2. If you follow me on Instagram (@brittneydeanne) you saw this in progress.  We were tie dying some clothing for my uncle for Christmas.  He’s gonna love it!  They turned out sooooo good!
3. Wednesday night after church, we went to our park for the Christmas lights display and live nativity.  This camel was being SO loud. Who knew camels made noise?  This one was almost mooing.
Fun to see hometown friends in the nativity scene!
And the lights were pretty too!
4. Last night we had Tyler’s dad’s family Christmas.  In the 7 Christmases we’ve spent together, we’ve never gone to their family gathering.  But we went last night.  I met some family members I had never met, we played dirty Santa (and boy, were some of the gifts not-so-great! ha!)…but the best part was winning $20 playing bingo!  BINGO!
5. At the party, my ear started to hurt.  And it got worse and worse.  On the way home, I was pretty miserable.  When we got my car (because we were coming from 2 different directions so we met in the middle) and I had to drive home, I almost felt drunk from being dizzy.  My ear hurt SO bad last night I was crying and almost wanted to go the ER.
Today, I went to urgent care (woohoo for being the first one in the door when they opened!) and the doctor said it’s “the worst ear infection I’ve seen in a long time.”  Opie.  No wonder it hurt so bad.  He gave me some antibiotics…and told me he would be right back with a pain med prescription.  Y’all.  It was for hydrocodone!  He told me that my ear looked so bad that he thought I would need something that strong for the pain.  I’m gonna sleep good tonight! ha!
Hope you have a good weekend!



  1. Yikes- that’s a heck of an ear infection!! I am so sorry, that sounds miserable!! Hope you feel better soon and are able to return to Christmas enjoyment mode!!

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