Five on Friday

1. I finally bought a monogram ball cap!  Guess who won’t have to wash her hair this weekend? ha!
2. Last night after Zumba, Tyler went to play tennis with some guys…so I had chips, queso, and margs for dinner with Brandy.  Best friend time is always good.
3.  Speaking of besties, my bestie Alden found her wedding dress!!!!! Of course, I won’t post a picture, but last Saturday she got her dress (I was unable to go shopping b/c I was in Dallas) but she is STUNNING.  I can’t wait to be her matron of honor.
4. I was home sick Wednesday resting and this little guy never left my side.
5. We are going on a date night tonight and then spending the weekend relaxing.  I’m going to clean/watch college football tomorrow and we may make a trip into Oklahoma to Grandpa’s farm.  Who knows…but having few plans is nice after my jam-packed weekends.
Be lovely, friends!

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