Flamingo Birthday Party

Flamingo Birthday Party

Our group of friends has started referring to ourselves as flamingoes, part of a flock. We have been clinging to the verses about caring for God’s flock- since we are all sisters in Christ, our goal is to take care of one another.

Rebecca and I have June birthdays, so Tara and Caroline threw us a birthday pool party!

We walked in and saw THIS amazingness!

Rebecca and I were STUNNED. We were just expecting to swim!

We had decided to do a fancy Sex And the City feel for our party, so we got fancy. So fun!

And our favorite meal as a group is a cheese board. YES PLEASE. We sat and snacked and talked for like two hours before we ever got in the water.

I used my new Cricut and made us cute cups!

And then for dessert, Tara had made homemade pina colada ice cream, and we ate them out of pineapples (with pineapple candles!). I died. So delish and so cute.

We hit the pool and swam and talked for hours. Seriously. We were together for 9 hours before we left! We didn’t leave until after 8 p.m.!

Time with these girls may be more sporadic than we wish, but anytime we do get together, it’s just SO dadgum good for our souls.

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