Flashback Friday: Bringing Pippin Home

Flashback Friday: Bringing Pippin Home

Back in November 2014, our groomer posted these photos:


I was instantly in love.  Those sweet eyes.  That tiny pup.  That sad face.

I remember sitting at my desk at work and thinking “I have to see this dog.”

What was crazy is Mikey doesn’t really get along with other dogs.  He isn’t terrible, but he doesn’t love others. He hasn’t loved mom’s dogs or other dogs we’ve seen at the park. I was skeptical that we could bring this little guy home.

But I couldn’t shake it.

I even told a coworker, “I’m going to meet this dog this weekend.”

I contacted our groomer and she brought the little guy (which she called Frisbee, since he had been thrown out of a car) to our house on a Saturday afternoon.  Within minutes, the boys were playing outside.

This was when we first met him!


He found his voice right away.  Our groomer had said “You’ll love him. He’s so quiet! Never let a peep!” Well, we were sitting on the front porch minutes later and he started barking at the horses across the street (which he STILL barks at!).

He and Mikey started playing together.


We had some hesitation to keep him at first- he was marking EVERYWHERE, which was making Mikey mark behind him. Lots of cleaning up. However, thankfully, getting him neutered helped that a lot.

I’m so thankful for that crazy pup! He’s my baby. He loves to sit and snuggle with me. I know he will have to adjust once the baby gets here, but I know he will be a good doggie brother!


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