Flashback Friday: My Drop

It might be called a drop, a pin, a lavalier, or any number of things.  It means a boy gives you some symbol from his fraternity (or our case, social club) to show that he is serious with you.  It is a sort of pre-engagement step, if you will.
Well, Tyler dropped me the fall of my senior year.
Tyler and I went on a date.  We ate dinner at Olive Garden and then went downtown to walk around art galleries. 
On our date.  I was totally unsuspecting.

We went into one gallery and I took a potty break.  When I came out, I was admiring some of the handmade jewelry and saw his letters, KX, hanging there.  I said, “Oh look, she must make drop necklaces!” haha Ooops.  He told me the necklace was mine if I would accept it.  I gladly did!

After a drop, if you are in a sorority, or girl’s social club (OBU doesn’t have sororities or frats…we have social clubs)…then you have a blowout.  Its a good thing!
We circle up, dim the lights and pass around a lighted candle.  The first loop around is for friendship, basically so everyone gets to touch the candle.  And it heightens the excitement.  The second loop is for a drop.  The third loop is for an engagement.  And we have a fourth loop for pregnancy, which we have used a couple times (none when I was a student) for married members who get preggo. 
Basically, as the candle circles on the appropriate round, whoever is making their announcement blows out the candle!  It’s so fun!
Here is a video from my blowout!
 Then you stand on a table and tell your story to the club.
And then you take pictures!  🙂

I still have my KX necklace.  After I got dropped I pretty much wore it every day, like it was an engagement ring.  Now, I just have it as a keepsake.  No one would understand outside of campus.  But to me, it was special.

My pledge class admiring my new jewelry! 🙂


  1. So fun and interesting! I had no idea about this!

    • Yeah it’s a fun tradition! Some schools have pins, or lavaliers, that they give…and some places don’t have this at all. It is a neat thing! 🙂

  2. How sweet 🙂

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