Flashback Friday: My Pledge Class

On Fridays, I post some memories that were BTB: Before the Blog. 🙂
This week, I want to talk about a very special group of girls: My Pledge Class.
Tri Chi PC 06 aka PC O Sexy! 🙂

All of us on Bid Day!

Our pledge class was the biggest in club history at that point.  There were 40 of us!  In a club of 70 members! ha! 
During pledge week.  We put on a skit about a sleepover.
We grew as friends, sisters, and grew to love each other.  With 40 girls, it was hard to be best friends with everyone, but we were close.  We had some good times.
After our first Tunes Show- Hairdressers!  I wasn’t in costume because I was a Tiger Tunes Host and not in the show.
During Rush one year- on Western Night.
On bid day.  Our first as members!
During traditional night of Rush.  Those darn suits. 🙂
Our freshman year, we had a big Christmas party and then came up with a master plan to kidnap three boys from different clubs.  It was so fun.
Senior year before we graduated, we got together and took nice pictures together.  Out of 40 girls, there were still 29 of us in school.  Not bad!  Some had graduated early, some left…but that’s 3/4 of us that were together for 4 years!
Tri Chi at graduation.  A couple girls in this pic aren’t my pledge sisters, but they are Tri Chi sisters.
Pledge sisters at my wedding.  So much fun!
Those 40 girls gave me shoulders to cry on, smiles to smile, memories, LOTS of spontanous dance parties, lots of trips to Sonic, lots of gossip sessions (and some TMI sessions with Kolby! haha!).  We share not only a sisterhood, but friendships.  I don’t see many of them often (mostly at various weddings) but they all hold a place in my heart.
So, if you are reading this PC 06, I love ya.  All of ya. 
Here is a little video I made for our last Tri Chi meeting. Push play, then pause it to let it load.  It’s a slow booger for some reason.


  1. I love this flashback!! I miss those days so much! This post makes me even more excited about homecoming in a few months, hope to see you there!

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