Flashback Friday: The Summer We Fell in Love (and new haircut!)

First off, my only exciting news: I got a haircut and highlights!  What do you think?  It is so light compared to my usual dark brown.  Tyler says it is almost blonde! 🙂  Does it count as “go blonde” on my 30 Before 30 list? Chime in and let me know!
I like doing some flashbacks from fun stuff I want to remember that happened before I started blogging.
Today, I want to outline the summer of 2008, or as I call it, the summer we fell in love! 🙂
Tyler and I started dating in December 2007, so summer 2008 was our first summer together.  We had been together for 6 months, had said “I love you”, but this summer really solidified it for us. We did lots of fun stuff I want to remember here on ye ol blog.
That summer I spent 6 weeks working in Branson, made several trips to Greenwood to see Tyler, and we had adventures!
We played at the lake!  Tyler got to see how skiddish I was when I freaked out riding the tube on the lake.  I prefer to just lay in the sun.  I’m not a thrill seeker.
We went to a wedding in his hometown for his family’s best friend’s son.  It was one of the first times I was at a big event in his hometown.  It felt like a big deal.
Tyler and I took off on an adventure to Oklahoma one day.  There is an old rock quarry road that takes you up the mountains that we drove in his old pickup truck.  We had some beautiful views. 
We also went to his Grandpa’s farm to ride 4 wheelers and I got to feed the horses!  It was so fun!
I know these photos may not show much, but this summer will always hold a special place in my heart because Tyler really pursued me, made me feel adventurous and special.  I’m thankful to have had that time together to grow together!


  1. Yes that constitutes being blond……

  2. I love your hair and I think it counts for your 30 before 30! 🙂

  3. i love the pics. =) and your new hair!

  4. Love the story and the hair! That definitely counts for you 30 before 30. I could never go blonde my skin tone and hair would look crazy! By the way i wanted to stop by and say thank you for sharing YouVersion. I have started to plan and love it. It fits perfectly in my life.

  5. Love your “new” hair! But I thought you looked fab as a brunette, too! Just do what I do and change it with the seasons, haha!

    Loved this post and all the pics!

  6. Love the new hair! Totally counts as blonde!

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