Flashback Friday! Tiger Tunes- Tri Chi Sailor Show

At OBU, we have a big show every fall called Tiger Tunes.  It is super fun/competitive for people in clubs.  I was honored to be the director my senior year with one of my best friends Amy.  We had dreamed this show up over the course of our college career.  While we didn’t win or place (which was totally devastating!)….I do like remembering the fun and the hard work that went into the show.

Each club puts on a 6 minute performance around a theme.  We were sailors on the USS Tri Chi.  Each club performs and is judged.  We DID win musicality one prelim night, which was HUGE for our club.

This is our whole group of Sailors.  Aren’t we cute?
This photo is a funny rehearsal memory.  During practice one night, when we heard the girls singing a song after learning the harmonies, we cried because it sounded so great.   It was SUPER funny to everyone that they were singing made up lyrics to Gangsta’s Paradise and made us cry.
This photo really makes me laugh.  We won a prelim award the first night, and then we didn’t win anything else.  Our girls were getting really discouraged.  I felt like we were thisclose behind everyone.  I wanted them to give a final push and give their all, not give up.  I found a Youtube video of the Michael Phelps swimming race where he came from behind and won by a hair.  We watched it. (you can see him swimming on the screen behind me).  They caught the vision of giving the final push and chanted USA all the way to the stage that final night!  Too funny!
These crazy faces were right after we won the musicality award on Thursday night.  It meant we got the top scores for how good we sounded singing.  That was the only award we won.  But man, we were excited!  I love this photo.  Its me on the L, Amy (my best friend and co-director) and Sarajane (another best friend).  Not sure who the other head belongs to, but I love how we were freaking out for winning something!
We may not have won, but were super cute sailors! 🙂

Check out the video!  🙂


  1. what a great memory…i just relived it all. My favorite show. Love the fake ending still!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for making my Friday 100x better 🙂

    Loved memory lane today!

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