Flashback Friday: Wicked in Houston

My sophomore year of college, we road tripped to Houston, TX to see Wicked.  Me and 5 friends.  Houstin is a good 7+ hours away from where we went to school.  Seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do.
It was amazing.  6 friends, roadtrip, seeing an amazing musical.  But it was the trip from hell.  So many bad things happened.
We left Arkadelphia, drove an hour and stopped to potty in Texarkana.  Then, amazingly, 6 girls didn’t need to stop again until dinner about 40 minutes outside Houston.  We stopped at a Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner.  When we came out from dinner, we had a flat.  A BAD flat.  We had to wait like 1.5 hours for a guy to come change it. 
Our flat.  He put on a spare.
The ENTIRE next day was spent at Walmart waiting for them to replace the tire.  Such a fun trip to Houston.  We saw the hotel, Denny’s for breakfast and Walmart. We made it back to the hotel (which was the cheapest we could find in the shadiest area of Houston) just in time to change and get dinner.
Before the show, we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  And yes, we each got our own piece of cheesecake.
While waiting for the tire man at Joe’s Crab shack on night 1, we played a claw game and won this rabbit.  We named him Edgar.  He went everywhere with us on the trip.  This is him with the guy who played Fiero in Wicked.
We thought the trip was turning around.  Yes we got a flat tire.  Yes we sat at Walmart all day.  But we had a great meal and saw a fantastic show.
So Sunday, we headed home.  I got a speeding ticket.  It was traumatic.  My first ticket (in a speed trap…70 to 55 in a moment’s notice).  The cop thought we had stolen the car or something and was so rude.  He wanted my social security number.  I forgot it and couldn’t think of it and I cried.  Big, ugly cry.  It didn’t get me out of the ticket though!
The WORST part of this whole trip came about a week after we got home.  That next weekend, we were all going about our merry ways.  I was at Walmart and started itching.  I thought it was an allergic reaction.  My friend Amy was on campus and started itching.  Earlier that week, she was thrown into a pollen-filled lake, so she thought it was allergies.  Ana started itching.  Turns out, we got scabies from the shady hotel!  We all had to use scabicide cream for like a week and itched ourselves to death!
The onset of scabies.  It got much, much worse.
 So, that was our little memorable roadtrip.  All for a musical and some cheesecake.  Guess it was worth it.

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