Flashback Friday! High School Events!

I’m feeling nostalgic…so let’s take a trip back in time to 2004/2005- shall we? 
I would go farther back, but all my old photos are at mom’s house…so we can only go as far back as the photos I have on Facebook! ha! 
In the last few weeks, I saw lots of high schoolers decked out and heading to Prom.  Tyler’s cousin Kelsey is preparing to graduate tonight.  So I’m feeling the pangs of high school memories.  Let’s revisit that time in my life.  I have some funny stories to tell.
Senior football homecoming.  I was a homecoming maid.  My escort was a good friend, Jjesus.  I thought sparkly eyeliner was a must for dressy events.  It matched my blingy necklace.
At the football presentation, it rained.  Poured even.  Bu the show went on.  I had two escorts- my dad and grandpa.  They both had umbrellas.  Since I was standing in the middle of them (and their umbrellas) I was pretty soaked by the time we were finished.  Nothing like sopping wet in a formal dress.
Junior prom.  My date?  A guy from church who asked me to go to prom on the way back from Spring Break church trip.  He was a nice guy and all, but a bit awkward.  Let’s just say it was a memorable evening.  Fun, but lots of funny things happened.  Italian food, lots of garlic, and slow dancing don’t go together.  I tried to offer my date gum, but he said “Gentlemen don’t chew gum.  Tonight I’m a gentleman.”  So garlic breath it was! šŸ™‚ 
Senior prom.  That’s me in the traffic cone orange.  My date?  The one with the swag in the silver vest?  I thought he was cute.  He was a sophomore, I was a senior.  I wanted a cute date to prom.  So I stalked him, er I mean got to know him, and asked him.  He was SUPER RICH (didn’t know that going in!) and paid for EVERYTHING, along with bringing me tulips and chocolates before prom.  (awesome!)  Glad things didn’t work out with him.  I heard he has been arrested for drug possession.  I pick them good, ladies!
This was my best friend, Jessica.  We couldn’t take pictures without our heads touching.  Something magnetic going on there.
I could get crunk then, just like now.  Look at me breaking it down!  (and look at those skinny arms!  I want those back!  And I want to fit into that size 4 prom dress….someday soon!)
Graduation.  I held it together until the end.  I kept hugging my friends and started crying.  Ugly cry.  So that’s why I won’t be showing you any photos from after graduation.  Know what happened after my cry-fest?  My family went out for dessert.  My druggie prom date (mentioned above) came to meet us because he had to get his half of the prom pictures we ordered.  He proceeded to pay for dessert for my WHOLE FAMILY.  Told you he was loaded.
Welp, that was a fun visit down memory lane. Thanks for strolling with me.  I gotta say my awkward years were more middle school-time…so I’m not ashamed at all to share high school with you. šŸ™‚


  1. LOVE this flashback! o good times at Lake Hamilton!

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