Flu Be Gone

Flu Be Gone

The flu has hit our home.

I’m still ok, but Tyler has the flu.  Poor guy.  He was MISERABLE last night.

After a long wait at Walgreens, we got the Tamiflu and cough syrup and gatorade and orange juice…and we are fighting it full force.

I got my flu shot (he didn’t) so I hope I stay well!  I’ve got a full week and weekend, and ain’t nobody got time to be sick.

Wash your hands, sanitize your keyboard, and take your vitamins.  Stay well, friends!



  1. Sending prayers for Tyler… hope he’s better soon! And hope you stay flu-free, my sweet girl! <3

  2. Praying for you both!!

  3. Praying for you both! Feel better soon. Lots of fluids, okay?

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