Fort Smith Gem: BrickCity Emporium

So, if you live in Fort Smith or visit the River Valley…you have to visit BrickCity Emporium.
BrickCity is a really neat retail space.  It is set up like the craft emporiums (that I’m so familiar with visiting in Branson)…but it is SO much better!
BrickCity has booths of different sizes that are filled with awesomeness.
Some booths have homemade stuff…but much nicer than your typical craft fair.  Think Pinterest worthy stuff.
Some booths have home decor, some have new stuff from shops all over town.  Some of my favorite local shops have booths, like Creative Kitchen and Inscriptions.
Just LOOK at these precious Arkansas wall art pieces!  So wonderful!
Several booths had seasonal decor, so this would be a great place to shop to decorate your home.
Lots of Razorback goodies, holilday decor, home decor, neat gifts, and basically just shopping all your favorite shops and vendors in one place!
There are several booths marked “Coming soon” so I know they are still expanding (they just opened last weekend).  I am so glad this is in our town!  
The atmosphere inside was great, too.  Coffee and water available….warm colors on the walls, soft music playing, calm lighting (not bright fluorescents!). And they do free gift wrapping!
Check them out!
*I haven’t been paid or compensated for this review…I just thought this place was freaking awesome.*


  1. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to go there when I go home to visit my parents!

  2. Fun! I’d seen it but didn’t know what it was. I need to check it out!!!!!

  3. You must take me there next time I am up!

  4. I have been looking forward to going here but haven’t made it over yet! Glad to see a good review for it!

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