Four Christmases

Four Christmases

We had a great Christmas holiday, and I hope you did too!

It started off a bit rocky, with us having to spend Christmas Eve at the clinic getting Ty’s foot x-rayed…it’s broken.  But we didn’t let that put a damper on too many plans.

Christmas Eve I played Mary in the candlelight services…and we used a real baby! A couple friends had a one month old little boy, and he was Jesus.  I got TONS of sweet baby snuggles, and he even went to sleep in my arms!

It was great to have the family all there together.  

After the services, we went over to mom’s for dinner and to open a few presents.

Christmas morning was at our house.  Nancy got us matching “Blessed” shirts so we wore them on Christmas morning.  

We had breakfast and opened some gifts.

Christmas afternoon was the perfect time for a GREAT nap.  After our nap, we got up and headed to my MIL’s for Christmas night.  

I love that our families can celebrate together and that my parents were there with my in-laws.

I introduced grandpa to the selfie. 🙂

After dinner and gifts, we played Pie Face- which was TOO funny.

On Sunday, we had the last family Christmas celebration with my family from Hot Springs. It was great, even though they had to leave early because of rain and flooding.

Just wanted to shout out my fave gift- these monogram Uggs! Thanks mom!


Did you have a good Christmas?  What was your favorite gift?

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