Four Months Old

Four Months Old

I can’t believe she is 4 months old! So many changes in this last month.

We had her 4 month well-baby checkup. She’s 14 lbs, 3 oz and 24.5 inches. She was 30th percentile for height and weight before, and now she’s 50th for both. She’s still wearing size 1 diapers (we will move up when this box is empty) and still 0-3 clothing. A few of the smaller 3-6 things fit, but most are still too big. My petite baby girl!

She is still eating 4 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day. She just won’t take a much bigger bottle. I’ve offered a 6 ouncer, and she will take 5 and stop. Her tummy just isn’t big, I guess.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been in the thick of the 4 month sleep regression, which has been tough on mama and daddy, but she seems fine with the broken sleep. She also clearly started teething! She’s been hand chewing and drooly, but we added some other symptoms including a stuffy nose and tummy issues. All of that combined to a girl who isn’t quite as settled at night as she had been. But sleep is returning to somewhat normal, so I’m thankful!

I keep feeling in her mouth, but no teeth yet. Her front bottom gums are SO swollen and you can feel the tooth. I think it’s on the horizon, though.

Her favorite toys at the moment are her hands, her pony and baby doll, and rattles she can hold.

She’s talking up a storm. Lots of chatter and squealing. ALL THE TIME. Lord help us when she actually learns to talk! ha!

This month was pretty much a month-long journey through developmental leap #4, but she was in a pretty good mood all the time despite all the changes and learning. She is desiring to sit SO badly, and is happiest when we help her sit or stand. She has spent some time in the jumper and sit-me-up seat and enjoys that. Not quite supporting herself sitting on her own, but very close.

She’s loving sitting in the stroller without the car seat – kicking her feet and looking around during walks.

She has noticed herself in the mirror when we play there. She just smiles at the baby in the mirror. I love it!

She enjoys the brisk air- she smiles so big when we walk around the church campus in the cool evening air, and she LOVED the snow day we had. An outdoor baby, for sure.

She is starting to mimic us. VERY close to saying the “B” sound. Has done it a time or two on accident, but I don’t think it’s happened on purpose yet. She is doing the motion with her lips and sort of motor-boat sounding. She also does her hands like us (or tries) during Itsy Bitsy Spider and Baby Bumblebee sometimes.  She also is trying to clap when we yell “Yay!” It’s very primitive movements, but I can see her little brain making connections all the time.

My favorite time of day is right when I get home from work and we play. She’s a little monkey and loves being upside down, flying around and playing physically. When she fusses, a quick dip upside down or helping her stand up and sit down  usually brings about a smile.

She still enjoys tummy time and is rolling belly to back like a champ. She is trying so hard to roll from back to belly, and we’ve unswaddled her at night because she was so close to rolling. She’s sleeping in the Merlin Sleep Suit which is going ok until she wakes up and plays with her paci! She’s a busy little girl.

She is SO HAPPY. Everyone, even strangers, comment on her happy demeanor. I love her smiles and giggles.

She loves when we read books. Dr. Seuss is her favorite.She also loves music. I take her to choir on Wednesdays with me in the Ergo and she loves it! I hope she’s musical!

She enjoys the dogs being close. When she’s stretching out on our bed in the morning, she loves when they hop up and play around her. They are sweet with her.

Nicknames include Remi Roo, Roo, big girl, punkin head, and bunny.

Remi, I don’t know what we did for fun before you. All we do now is work hard to make you smile and laugh. It’s the best sound in the world. You’re our favorite!

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