Four months!

So yesterday was our four month anniversary! I know, I know…it is only four months. Not even half a year. But, who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate?

I made Tyler’s favorite (of the moment) dinner- taco lasagna. He just loves that stuff and raves everytime I make it.

I also picked up a special little dessert from the Walmart bakery. They have the best little servings of yummy stuff. We had a chocolate cake that was creme filled! It was so good (sorry I didn’t take any pictures).

We also got Pearl Harbor in on Netflix. I’ve never seen it. You can gasp now. I know it is shocking I’ve never seen one of the best movies of our time. But I haven’t. Long story short, there were a few years of my life when I was performing in Branson that we just didn’t see many movies because I did shows at night. So I missed a lot of great movies that came out during that time period.

Well we started Pearl Harbor (and hopefully we will finish it tonight…it left me hanging!) and just enjoyed each other.

I am so thankful for Tyler and his sacrifices for me. Right now, he drives an hour to work and back each day just so I can finish grad school. He NEVER complains about it. Not ever. I know he is so tired from working 10-7 every day and just wishes home was right around the corner from his shop, but he is so great to sacrifice for me. I know in this season of life, he is giving so much for me, and I can’t wait to be able to give back for him. Right now, I’m trying to make the best of it by having a wonderful yummy dinner ready for him every night when he gets home. He likes to eat, so I think it makes him happy!

Anyway, yay for four months! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! We have had a blessed few months for sure!

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