Free Gift Card!

So I won a $50 Zappos card from Arkansas Chevy Girls (if you are local, like them on FB…they do giveaways and stuff!).

However, upon gazing at my extensive shoe collection (almost as extensive as my ever-growing Fiestaware collection) I decided I didn’t need any more shoes. Could this be? My husband rejoiced as I told him that I would not be spending my $50 on shoes.

Instead, I told him, I wanted to buy a fun kitchen gadget. I had 4 things picked out: a stick blender, a panini press, a deep fryer, and an ice cream maker. As we discussed,
1) we couldn’t think of a time when I couldn’t dump whatever I was cooking into the blender…so no stick blender.
2) Our George Foreman grill has those panini grill marks….no panini press
3) I can fry stuff in a big pot….no fryer
4) But you can’t really make ice cream without an ice cream maker!

So that’s what I spent my $50 on! A Cuisinart Ice Cream and Sorbet maker for $49.95….and free shipping! Literally a free ice cream maker for us! Woohoo! Bring on summer! I hear an ice cream party calling my name….


  1. i’m up for the ice cream party!!! 🙂 what a great deal!! may i request coffee ice cream?! 🙂 YUMMY!!

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