Friday 5- This Week’s Highlights

Friday 5- This Week’s Highlights

Five things from this week…just for you! 🙂 Enjoy my randomness.

1. This week I became a bonafide country girl.  I was placed in the bucket of the tractor, hoisted into the air, and changed a lightbulb high up on the barn.  Picture a tractor like this (except ours is a Kubota) and me in the bucket. EEEK! *no photo was provided of the actual events because I would not let Tyler leave his perch in the driver’s seat in case something happened while I was 20+ feet in the air.*

2. I introduce to you my new favorite song.  Yes, I know its from a Disney Channel show.  No, I don’t care. It hit my Zumba classes last night (a GREAT new leg workout dance…lots of squats and skater jumps…holla!).  They were digging it too.  *and Coco Jones is just precious.  I want to be her friend.*

3. I ordered this A.S.L Tahari dress from Rue La La a while back. It’s hit or miss with Rue since you can’t try stuff on…and this one was a bit too tight. Guess what I’m wearing to dinner Saturday night on our trip? THIS SIZE 8 BEAUTY! What?! (for inquiring minds, probably with some brown tights – since its going to be COLD, and a pink statement necklace.)

4.Zumba convention registration should be open any day now.  They are totally teasing us. “Registration will be opening soon.” They might as well say…”keep the website open all day and refresh it every hour to make sure you don’t miss registration.”  What will I do over the weekend?  I’m totally taking our laptop on our trip with us…just in case registration opens over the weekend.

5. I signed up for (well actually, I joined their blogger network and got a free year subscription….) so soon I’ll be posting some reviews of their service, along with some great deals!

Happy Friday, kiddos! I hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend! See you on the flipside!


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