Friday Confessional: Fashion and Guilty Pleasure Music

It has been FOREVER since I did a Confessional Friday with Blonde Ambition. But I had some things to tell you.
I confess that The other night I got an email from Ann Taylor Loft with a 60% off sale.  I clicked over expecting the sale items to be winter clearance.  Boy was I wrong!  They had a sale on Spring items…and I totally fell in love with the Ann Taylor Loft Spring 2013 collection.

So, I confess I bought these beauties (and a couple pair of goal pants to work toward fitting into….the sale was too good to pass up!)

Yes, I did order these beauties.  Yes. Pink skinny dress pants.  Can’t wait to get them!
I confess that I am thisclose to buying these shoes from Ann Taylor. How PERFECT are these patterned pink loafers.  I would live in these all Spring.  Must have.(and don’t worry, I wouldn’t wear them with my pants….too matchy matchy).
I confess that I’m a bit jealous of a friend who is getting married soon.  I’m going to her bridal shower tomorrow and I sort of miss that stage of life.  It was so fun! Being engaged, planning a wedding, getting fun stuff at showers….I’m SO thankful to have found the love of my life and have a beautiful marriage, but that part was so fun.  Can I do it over again?
I confess that I bought this Tory Burch phone cover.  I had a $50 gift card to Tory Burch from Rue La La…and I didn’t feel like shelling out an additional $300 to add to that $50 for a bag or shoes….so I bought the phone case.  It makes me feel luxe.

I confess that in light of the recent news of NKOTB, 98 degrees, and Boys II Men touring…I switched over to 98 degrees Radio on Pandora.  I may or may not have remembered every word to this song.

I confess that I am buying tickets to this concert today.
Any confessions you would like to share?  This is a safe place. 🙂


  1. I confess I got my NKOTB/98Degrees/BoysIIMen tix yesterday. I am super excited!!!!! They are coming here to DC on June 14th…. Good Luck!!!

    AND yes I remember every word too… lol

    Also I would love to have my wedding over.. So many new things I would love to do.. I feel ya!!

  2. Buy the shoes! They are so cute.

  3. Woo that is a fancy phone cover!! Love the

  4. i’m the same way with 90’s boy band music..i can remember every word to just about every song and it drives jamie crazy 😉 i love to crank the music and jam in the car! ooo Ace of Base is also a favorite to sing loudly! gotta love 90s music!!!
    and i totally understand the wanting to go back in time and get to relive the wedding planning/showers/wedding phase..i was so busy with school that i didn’t do very much planning – thankfully my mom and MIL took over for me!! i would love to go back and plan every little detail…maybe someday – jamie has always said he wanted a wedding on the beach! how fun would that be for a big anniversary!?!

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