Friday Confessions

Friday Confessions

My mind has been all over the place this week. I’m back to feeling like I have a grip on the things going on…but I’m also feeling like NOTHING interesting is happening (which will change this weekend! hey fun plans, hey!). Since I have no coherent thoughts, here are my confessions:

I confess that last night I FREAKED OUT over the Zika virus stuff. The news had reported a possible travel health warning for Mexico and Caribbean (where we are headed in April for our cruise!) and I panicked. The main issue is that this virus has caused birth defects in Brazil- so they are worried about women traveling and getting pregnant.  While this is scary (also confession…I’m off birth control! Not pregnant…but not trying to stop it from happening), Tyler talked me off the ledge.  First, we have to wait and see what the CDC recommends.  Then, I can go back on birth control until after our trip. But, for a while last night, I was feeling tight-throat panic and wanted to cancel our trip.

I confess that I’m doing Whole30 loosly. But it’s working.  I’ve been staying good except for the occasionally off-plan thing. Like tonight we are going on a double date with some friends to a new (to us) place. I won’t be super strict there. I might split an appetizer with the group.  I’m trying to figure out this moderation thing.

I confess that I’ve had TERRIBLE calf cramps and I’m at my wits end.  A couple weeks ago during Zumba the first one happened.  Then Monday night at step I got another one…and last night, I had the same sharp pain in my calf. It’s awful.  There’s a doctor here who does massage and acupuncture who worked on my IT band and knee before…and while she’s expensive, I am considering a visit to treat this crazy calf thing.

I confess that I’m DYING over this jumpsui.  It’s finally on sale.  I may go try it on at lunch so I know what size to order in case the price drops again.  It would be perfect on our cruise. 🙂



I confess that I’ve turned down Chic-fil-a breakfast at work TWICE this week.  And I’m proud of my good choices. 🙂


What are your confessions?

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