Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites!

It’s been a while since I’ve just shared some random favorite things with you.

So let’s talk about life, music, beauty and more!

  1. The Dear Evan Hansen Deluxe Album (listen to the tracks here– give the video a few minutes to “go live” then the music starts).  This show instantly became one of my top musicals ever when we saw it in NYC this summer, and the deluxe album features some never-before-released songs done by cast members (including the Evan and Connor that we saw!).
    download (2).jpg
  2. LimeLife’s Quench Cleanser. Easily removes my makeup (even mascara) and leaves my face feeling hydrated, which is SO important this time of year as things get cold and dry.  Buy it from my friend Allison if you don’t have a LimeLife person.
    LimeLife_Skin Care_Quench Cleanse_large.jpg
  3. A GOOD bra fitting. Mom and I were recently fitted at Muse Intimates in Tulsa (highly recommend if you’re in the area) and I finally feel like I have a bra that fits and does what I want it to do.  I was wearing a totally wrong size and style for me.
  4. This sweater from Anthropologie. It’s a little pricey but SO SOFT and so flattering.  Like hangs in the perfect way.  Mom and I both bought one (she got a medium, I got a large).4113529109481_065_b.jpg
  5. The Dream podcast. It’s a sort of “secret life of MLMs” expose and I can’t get enough.  Listen on iTunes or Stitcher.



What are you loving this week?



  1. I have been listening to The Dream, too! I listen to each one as soon as they come out. I think it’s super interesting you’re liking a LimeLife product when that’s part of the podcast! :O

    • Right? I know it felt funny to recommend them together. ha! But I honestly like the product! With most MLMs, I think some of the products are good (I use several things from MLMs) but I think the issue comes in the selling and deceptive “get rich” thoughts. But I’m curious to see where the podcast ends up in their investigation.

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