Friday Five: The Best of the Internet

Friday Five: The Best of the Internet

I saw some great things online this week. Here are the 5 highlights.

1. For starters, I LOVE this post from a mother who let her daughter express herself by cutting her hair into a fauxhawk.  It’s a really beautiful article about showing children they are loved and can be themselves.  Check it out.

2. Hanson performed at the 20th anniversary party for VH1’s Do Something campaign. They sang MMMBop with the PS 22 choir.  My heart explodes. (PS.  I had some great music teachers, but nothing as fun as the guy who leads PS 22.  The world needs more people encouraging love of the arts like that).

3.So far, I have over 30 tweets from friends to Hanson asking them to play “Scream and Be Free” for my birthday this weekend.  Want to help me out?  Click here to tweet them.  Even if you already tweeted earlier this week, you can tweet again. 🙂

4. My dad is a terrible tipper (like he used to work all day for 25 cents…so he leaves mere dollars for a $100 meal).  I seriously believe this article is due in major part to him. Read “Where do America’s worst tippers live?  Arkansas is the “stingiest” state

5.Have you seen the 27 works of art you won’t believe aren’t pictures.  Blows my mind.  Can’t stop looking at it.

Happy Friday, lovies!  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. As a former bartender of the great state of Arkansas, I can definitely attest to the sad state of tipping 🙂 Lord help me, I’d work my tail off for some pennies!

  2. OMG…….Zac’s hair. Love it. Although I feel and probably look like that 98% of the time. Life is great. 😀

    Today is a Hanson kind of day that’s for sure. I’ll be sure to check more of that out later. and thanks again hun. You rock girl.

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