Friday Five: Blessings

Friday Five: Blessings

Five things that were blessings this week:

1. Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer.  We had a gathering at work and it was a big blessing to take a few minutes with my coworkers, pray, worship, and humble ourselves before the Lord.  I’m SO thankful to have a job with Christian leadership and so many Christian coworkers.  SO great!

2. Had lunch with my friend Haley.  SO good to “do life” together, and such a blessing to see God working in the lives of your friends.

Haley and Me- Back in October at Homecoming (when I was blonde!)

3. Tyler and his uncle worked for TWO whole days to build me a wooden trash can holder.  It still has to be painted, but it is beautiful.

4. Mikey was in a snuggly mood yesterday morning.  I love snuggling by furr baby.

5. Today I get to live a dream and go to Hanson Day!  We are headed to Tulsa at noon.  It is  a BIG blessing to make friends in this crazy blog world who are also Hanson fans (Fansons, if you will) who I can experience these fun things with!


  1. Have fun at your beloved Hanson Day!!! I know you are their biggest fan ever!!!

    Can’t wait to see photos!

  2. Wow………… I just heard Hanson – MMMBop on songpop. I’m surprised to find a blogger who likes Hanson still. I do but just not as much. I go thru stages. I have a best friend from high school who’s car tag says MMMBOP. 😀 hope you have a blast girl. Would love to see pics.

    Too bad you dont live closer and if I Had the money I’d send you some hanson stuff. 😉

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