Friday Five: Brain Dump

Friday Five: Brain Dump

Let’s get some thoughts out of my head, shall we?

1. I had a terrible night last night feeling crummy.  I don’t know what happened, but during my second Zumba class, Iwas fighting back throwing up….and then was SO tired.  I got home and my tummy pain returned with a vengeance. So ready for answers. (the tests went fine yesterday, I’m waiting to hear from my doctor).

2. Tonight mom and I are going to see KISS and Def Leppard.  Yes, you read that right.  This glitter-loving, boy-band following pop princess will be rocking out at a KISS concert tonight.  I’m going to be so out of my element.  Mom says its payback for all the concerts I dragged her to as a teen.  Now she is dragging me to see her band. And I’m wearing a Hello Kitty KISS shirt that I bought several weeks ago.  Who knew Hello Kitty would be newsworthy when the time came to wear it?

KISS Hello Kitty shirt

3. Tyler has his first test with the police department today. I know he will do great. Last night, he stayed late to study with some guys, and his phone was locked in his locker. He didn’t realize how late it was getting, and I was FREAKING out because I couldn’t get a hold of him. He finally called when he was finished at 8:15 and was SO sorry that I had been trying to reach him.  Let the “I can’t get a hold of my husband, but I’m just going to pray he’s ok” of police life begin. 🙂

4. I made pineapple juice Wednesday night, and last night I took the pineapple pulp from the juicer and turned it into an AMAZING bread pudding.  OMG.  Pineapple bread pudding rocks my world.  Who knew?

5. I am excited for this long weekend because next week I’ll be off Monday for Labor Day and then Friday to go to the Arkansas Women Bloggers University Conference.  Hello 3 day week!


Do you have any fun weekend plans? We don’t have any set plans, but I know it will be a good one! I’d love to hear your plans…leave me a comment and tell me all about it!


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