Friday Five: Bust a Move

Friday Five: Bust a Move

Man oh man, am I feeling better!  I finally feel like myself again.  For a couple months I’ve been sick, tired, and unhappy because of those things.  I feel like my body has been freed…and with it, my happiness.  It’s CRAZY that a little gallbladder being sick could do that to me.

I was cleared yesterday at my post-op appointment to go back to living my life (and do things as they are comfortable), so I’ll be taking a Zumba class tomorrow and see how that goes.  Hopefully I’m ok.

Since I’m feeling awesome, here are five things this week making me bust a move.

1. Pentatonix new album.  PTX Volume 3 is now on iTunes. It has some familiar covers, some originals, and some cover I had never heard.  But I’m digging it. I dance around my bathroom in the morning to it.  And this new video to Papaoutai – flawless.  The song is in French, but it’s my jam.

2. My Fitbit (click to be my Fitbit friend!).  I haven’t really worn it much for several weeks because it made me sad to see how inactive I was.  I hit my first 10,000 step day post surgery on Wednesday. Woop!


3. I’m busting a move for Stitchfix.  Like giddy jumping.  I got my Fix in this week and I can’t wait to show you some of the items next week.

4. I got a new lens for my camera and I’m LOVING it.  I’ve been buzzing about taking pictures of random things trying to get a feel for it.  My coworker (who was previously a professional photographer) told me I would love it and he was right.  It’s a Canon EF 50 mm.  Loving it.

5. I’m back to standing at my desk at work!  Now that I feel better, I feel like I have the energy to stand.  We have convertible desks that you can either sit or stand (there is a hand crank to change the height) and I’m SO glad I’m back to standing. #standingburnsmorecalories


So those are five things that have me boogie-ing this week. What’s got you moving, grooving, or excited?  I’d love to hear it!




  1. I am so intrigued by your desk that can sit or stand!!! I want to see a picture of this; it sounds awesome!! So glad you’re feeling better!

  2. 50mms is a great lens! Can’t wait to see some of your new shots.

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