Friday Five: Country Life

Friday Five: Country Life

This week I’m highlighting some things about country living.  We only live 20-30 minutes from “town” but sometimes it feels a world away.
1. We were walking the other night and Tyler looked over the bridge and saw a HUGE snake (poisonous because the triangle head).  He came back later (on his golf cart) and shot it.  When you live in the country, you know these poisonous snakes could hurt us, our pets, or someone’s livestock…so you shoot it. (It’s on the lighter rock in the left side of the screen….the snake is the big windy thing on the rock.  And this is from 30 feet up on a bridge over the water.  It was a BIG one.)
2. I picked wildflowers on the same walk.  They are so pretty.
3. I WISH these were in my yard, but they are in my friend Kristin’s cousin’s yard…but how ADORABLE are these baby bunnies? New goal in life: have a bunny nest in my yard.
4. We bought catfish food to feed the fish in our pond. They are pretty big…and it’s fun to go down there at night and feed them. We even get them jumping around.
5. This isn’t country life related, but I got the Go VoxBox from Influenster.  Some protein shakes and a shaker, insoles, foot scrubber, bath salts, blueberry almonds, and some tampons. I’ve already tried the vanilla shake…it’s super good!  Can’t wait to check out the other goodies.
Do you live in the country?  Or are you a city girl?  What are you up to this weekend?  Anything fun?  I’ll be sleeping and cleaning and doing laundry from our NYC trip! Have a great Friday!


  1. Hey! We are Country Living too!!! I love this idea for a post! Great Job! I love the conveniences of town— but I love the Country Living way more!!! I’ll share a Fave Five from the country soon!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Your wildflowers are beautiful!

  2. my house is in the city, but my work is in the country, so i get to experience both worlds. i love it!

    and that snake is big! so glad tyler went back and killed it. my sister was almost bit by a copperhead when we were little, but my grandpa chopped his head off with a shovel. luckily, that’s the only snake experience i have had to go through lol (knock on wood)

  3. I live in town but my parent’s live in the country. When you live in southeast Arkansas everywhere feels like the country though. I’m not too much of a country girl when it comes to snakes and other country reptiles and animals. I don’t mind a little sitting by the fire, mud ridin, fishin, or gravel roads though.

  4. We are moving to the country. About ten minutes outside of Fayetteville (twenty minutes to work for me no matter which office I am working out of!). Twenty to thirty minutes for my Husband. Neither of us have ever lived in the country…but we are still in a subdivision!

  5. We live in the country and know all about snakes. I HATE THEM!!!

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