Friday Five: Deals and Steals

Friday Five: Deals and Steals

I’m trying to budget, save, and do the boring things like not spending money. Well, it’s not easy.  I love to shop.  But I like a good deal…and I’m trying to shop less, but I’m also looking for good deals. Today’s Friday Five are 5 great deals I’ve gotten lately.

1. These ADORABLE boots from Rue La La (I get a small credit if you use my link to sign up).  They are in the “End of Season Boot Sale” shop in the “Under $50” category.  $30 for these beauties. Go fast, they will be gone Sunday. Because they are open on the sides, they’ll be great for Spring.



2. I needed new glasses (my eyesight is getting worse…and mine are two prescriptions old).  I get my glasses online from EyeBuyDirect and they are offering 20% off women’s frames until 3/8.  Two pairs for $60- shipped  (the code was W20).  I mostly wear mine at home at night or occasionally when I don’t wear contacts.


3. I got some SUPER cute tall wide calf rainboots from SimplyBe. $30 (which is a steal compared to most wide calf boots online- they are usually crazy expensive!)


4. I got another pair of designer jeans on eBay.  A pair of Wit & Wisdom black skinnies. I got them for $15 SHIPPED.  I’ll be wearing them tomorrow to our musical. 🙂 Next order of business is looking like the model. ha!


5. I LOVE Bernie Mev shoes.  Sure, they aren’t all super-fashionable, but they are comfy as all get out.  I love my black ones and wanted a second pair.  I found these mint beauties on Amazon for just $30 (I paid $60 for my other pair!).


What good deal have you gotten recently?


  1. I absolutely LOVE those pants–you will ROCK them. I have been interested in buying more boots, but I fear we’re about out of boot season. Hopefully all the boots will go on sale soon and I can buy some for next year!

    Speaking of boots–have a good time at Kinky Boots!

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