Friday Five: Dogs, Food and Babies

Friday Five: Dogs, Food and Babies

This week has flown by. Thank goodness.  I’m ready for the weekend! It’s my birthday weekend! Woop!

This week was a short one.  I didn’t feel great on Tuesday, but thankfully bounced back pretty quickly.

Here are 5 highlights for the week.

  1. Last night I made an AMAZING blueberry waffle for dinner. Well technically dessert since I had a tiny bowl of roast first. But I was still hungry and this hit the spot.
  2. 2. We are ready to buy paint for the nursery! We had initially picked the shade in the square on the left side, but I decided to try that color 50% darker. And I love it. It’s just a hair more saturated and yellow looking. Once we get that roomed cleaned out (hopefully this week!) we are gonna paint it! That dark grey crib is going to look GREAT against these pale yellow walls.
  3. Wednesday evening was outside with my boys. We went on a walk where Mikey was feeling pretty great (it’s rare that he walks willingly these days)….And then we hung out on the front porch until the sun went down.
  4. I’ve been slowly ordering nursery things. With the circus theme, it’s been tough to find stuff that isn’t just cartoon looking. I wanted a cute pillow for the glider, but didn’t love what I found. Until I saw this circus striped pillow at HomeGoods! And it is a PERFECT match to the valances I bought.
  5. I officially know that Mikey knows something is up with momma. He’s been entirely too snuggly lately. He usually wants loving, but won’t get near Pippin at cuddle time. Well, he’s been super snuggly lately. I don’t hate it.
    How was your week?

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