Friday Five: Five Funny Things from This Week

Friday Five: Five Funny Things from This Week

This week has been dreary here.  No sunshine, some mist and rain…and the in-between-holiday-funk.

But, I’m bringing some joy with five funny things that happened this week.


1. On Monday, Tyler called me in a panic.  “I need a seam ripper.  Is there one at your mom’s house.”  I told him…there is (since my quilting stuff is at mom’s), but we also have one in our little sewing kit.  “Ok, good,” he says.  “What exactly IS a seam ripper?  I know I need one…but I have no idea what I’m looking for.”  So that’s when I sent my husband a picture of a seam ripper.


2. I’m working out in the mornings…and one morning this week I was up pretty early (couldn’t sleep well) so I was working out at like 4 a.m.  The dogs were unimpressed.  I can imagine them saying “Mom, just let us go back to bed!”


3. I have spent the evenings after Tyler goes into work wrapping presents. I conquered the last box last night.  And y’all….wrapping packages with paper is like wrestling a cat.  I rip and tear the paper, use way to much tape, and I can NEVER find the pen.  Any other gifts that come in will be placed in bags.  Game over.


4. Pippin LOVES to be near you.  So near you, in fact, that he is often in my lap begging to get as close as possible.  I was doing Pilates Fix the other morning…and he climbed on my back while we were doing supermans.  And he proceeded to sit there while I transitioned into child’s pose…and then went into planks.  Finally while doing planks he jumped off my back.  You think planks are hard?  Try doing it with 7 pounds of dog on your back!


5. My headphones at work only work through one ear bud.  I ALWAYS pick up the wrong one…and then have to switch them. Instead of buying new ear buds (because I actually like only having one ear bud in at work), I finally found a solution.  I placed tape around the broken ear bud.  It’s janky looking…but now I don’t fumble with the wrong one every time. 🙂


I hope you have a great weekend, loves!

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