Friday Five: Five Goals for August

Friday Five: Five Goals for August

Honesty time: I’ve been doing well with my workouts, but seems this summer has been tough.  Lots of barbecuing, ice cream, and we’ve been so busy we’ve eaten out more than normal.

I am feeling ok with myself, but I know I need to break some of the habits that have been forming this summer.  I’m setting some goals to break these habits.

You may get sick of seeing them, but I’m going to do a little 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 update at the bottom of posts for August to help hold me accountable.

So here are five goals for August.

  1. No fast food. I’m in a bad habit of picking up breakfast on my way to work or grabbing lunch while I’m out running errands.  If I plan my food, I won’t be in these food emergency situations.
  2. No bingeing. I have an ugly history with binge eating.  It creeps back in every once in a while.  I just eat more than I had planned, or eat mindlessly…and before you know it, I’ve consumed an entire bag of something, or eaten three helpings of something.  I don’t do it often, but I’m hoping to go 31 days binge free this month.
  3. No chips and salsa. There is nothing inherently wrong with chips and salsa, but I have no self control with them.  I eat too much every single time.  And it’s a trigger food.  When I eat chips and salsa, I eat other unhealthy foods.  So goodbye salsa.
  4. Three morning workouts each week. Get yo butt out of bed, Brittney.  I love Piyo, and I need to do it three times a week minimum.
  5. No alcohol. I’m not an alcoholic, but I might have a glass of wine once a week.  This is also a trigger because I often have unhealthy snacks with my wine. So no wine this month.  That bottle of Stella Rosa Black in the cabinet can wait.
None of these things need to be permanent in my lifestyle, but like I said, I’m trying to break a few bad habits.  So please bear with me this month as I update each post with a little list at the bottom holding myself accountable.  It’s time to take control.



  1. I think these are really good and obtainable goals!! (Although the thought of a month without chips and salsa does make me want to cry) I think I usually make too vague/broad of goals and then they fail…but these are more concrete, without being TOO impossibly lofty. You’ll do great!!

  2. I’m on a no junk food, no alcohol rule too. Alcohol is very high calorie and messes with my sinuses. Let’s do this!

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