Friday Five: Five Things I Hope to Get at the Farmers Market Tomorrow

Friday Five: Five Things I Hope to Get at the Farmers Market Tomorrow

I’m headed to the farmer’s market tomorrow and I’m hoping to find a few things.

Side note: must remember cash (small bills…the farmers hate making change!), and my market tote.

Here’s my Friday five….five things I’ll be looking for in the morning. 1559635_10152861504567659_5555858036905037745_n

Photo from the Fort Smith Farmer’s Market Facebook.

I want flowers. I love fresh flowers and sometimes you can find pretty bouquets and great prices. I would love some tulips or maybe some daffodils. Really anything to put on my kitchen counter in one of my Fiestaware vases will do.

I want asparagus.  Tyler doesn’t love this veggie, but I sure do!  And I want to bring some home for dinner this week. I love it roasted with some garlic and lemon juice.

I would love to find some beets. I haven’t had any beets since last year when I got some in my CSA box (which I’m doing again this year!) and I would love to roast some again soon.

I would also love to find some fresh herbs, though it may be a little early in the season for that. I’m not sure. I would love some chives or rosemary….but anything fresh would be nice. I’m so tired of dried herbs. I’m glad winter is gone and growing season is here!

And lastly, I want to find something new to try.  That’s my favorite part of going to the farmer’s market. I love to find something new, ask the farmer what to do with it…and come home and try it. I’ve tried purple potatoes, snake beans (not really a fan of those), purple cauliflower, baby eggplant, some different peppers, banana jam….and I wonder what I will find next.


So I hope to fill you in on my bounty next week!


What are you doing this weekend?  Any fun plans?


  1. Oooo…. Farmers Market season is back! Wooohooo!

  2. banana jam? sounds yummy.

  3. You know this post is right up my alley–I don’t think it’s too early for herbs at all, I’ve seen all kinds of rosemary plants and things (I almost bought another one yesterday, but my mom beat me to it).

    You’ll have to come down to LR one of these days and check out my favorite farmer’s market!

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