Friday Five: Five Things to Be Thankful For This Week

Friday Five: Five Things to Be Thankful For This Week

This week has had some ups and downs…but I’m focusing on the good today.  I mean, it IS Friday after all!

So here are five things I’m thankful for this week.

1. A gorgeous sunset and this sunset view from our front porch.

2. And a dog who will sit in my lap in a comfy chair to watch said sun set.

3. And these two guys beside me.

4. For our home. And our land.

5. And for a husband who cooked this AMAZING dinner last night.  Deer steaks, black beans and corn, and green beans.  He’s a keeper for sure! 


So that was the highlights from this week.


I hope you have had a great one.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. From the looks of your five things, you’re living a pretty sweet life!

    I am grateful for SO MUCH this week–I have a couple of secret gratitudes I hope to announce soon, but I’m really grateful for everyone in AWB and all of my friends.. and gardening, of course!

    • Life is pretty great. I’m excited to hear about your things whenever you share them.:) I’m grateful for YOU too friend! Show us your garden…I need to feel garden love.

  2. Dang! Next time I come to the US I definitely want to visit your house! Every time I see that secluded yard I want to come…and now seeing that meal, delicious!

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