Friday Five: Fun Stuff

This week was not all fun.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was home with pink eye.  Boo.

But a few fun things happened.

1. Mikey looked super cute while I worked at home.  This is him saying “Mom, stop working and play with me!”

2. Monday night when we were in NWA, we found some Fiesta tablecloths while we were shopping.  I finally put mine up.  It’s so bright and cheery!

3, Tyler started working this week!  Woop!  He’s selling life insurance, so he’s gone all day.  We knew we wanted to install a gate for Mikey to keep him in the kitchen/mudroom all day.  Tyler got it up and working.
And real life, for the pic above, I had to move the shotgun that always sits there.  We have critters to shoot, y’all…so right now we keep a gun handy.  (Don’t worry…when we have kids, those things will be locked in the gun safe).

4. I found some roommates for ARWB and got all registered!  I’m excited to finally meet lots of local bloggers and learn more about growing this corner of the Internet!

5. I’m going out tonight with some friends for one of my friend’s birthday. I will be working out beforehand so I can eat chips and drink a margarita. Gotta do what ya gotta do.  Earn those treats!


  1. The tablecloth looks fantastic with all the Fiestaware…which is not shocking, I suppose, but still! Love it!

  2. Boo about pink eye! That can be horrible! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. best part of this post – the shotgun! lol

  4. All of us Arkansas readers will completely understand and no explanation would be needed about the shotgun. I hope you have fun tonight.

  5. That tablecloth is pretty fabulous!!
    Sorry to hear about the pink eye. Been there and done that, no fun!
    I’m from KY girl….the shotgun is totally normal to me 🙂

    Happy Easter

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